What Is BitRise Token BRISE?

BitRise is a brand-new cryptocurrency project aimed at improving blockchain technology services and providing audits solutions. This organization also has its own token called BitRise Token (BRISE), a payment network cryptocurrency with a Buyback feature.

BitRise Token was launched in summer 2021 to become a peer-to-peer service for payment systems using the BRISE wallet in the local currency. All transfers are conducted with no extra fees. They are fast and secure. Its founders want users to interact directly with each other, with no need to connect to third-party services. Instead, users can interact with each other through the P2P service.

BitRise Token holders can buy, sell, and hold this cryptocurrency. However, it will also be used for P2P lending and become a payment system available worldwide.

One of the ways to make money on this project is to hold BitRise Tokens. In this case, Investors are rewarded 4% of all transactions.

Key feature of BRISE is a buyback, which must become an impulse to buy and hold this new coin.

How Buyback Works?

Each transaction has a 6% Buyback tax, which is stored inside the contract. Whenever a sale occurs, a part of the buyback amount is used to buy coins from the liquidity pool. As soon as this transaction is completed, these tokens are burned.

Such a feature has several essential benefits:

  • Price increases. When the tokens from the Liquidity pool are sold, the new BNB amount is added to the pool. As a result, the number of tokens decreases, and the BRISE price gets higher
  • Free BNB. As soon as the tokens are burnt, it is like including free BNB to the pool as there are no tokens to sell in the future.
  • The project gets more trustworthy. Thanks to the automated buyback, investors hesitating to buy BRISE won’t notice over 2 sales at the same time.

BitRise Audit Technologies?

Except for a token, BitRise also offers audit solution services. Having a group of experienced engineers and analysts specialized in blockchain technology and business analytics with wide experience in the crypto market brings an audit to the DeFi space.

Even though the company started providing such services only in the middle of 2021, it already supports all popular coin types, such as BEP20, ERC20, and TRC20 tokens.

Where To Hold BRISE Coin?

The most secure way to hold BitRise tokens and not be afraid of their safety is to use BitRise dApp Wallet. Now it’s under development, but project founders claim that it will allow users to get access to all needed transactions, including sending, swapping, receiving, and storing tokens.

What’s more, this wallet will provide a private key for each member to protect tokens from scammers. Everyone will be able to keep not only BRISE but also many other cryptocurrencies there.

BRISE Future Prospects

BRISE doesn’t have a long history, but it has a promising future. According to the roadmap, the project is in the Expansion Phase, and its founders are now working on improving the Techrate audit and are going to make their cryptocurrency included in the most reliable CEX listings.

However, it’s just the beginning. Their key goal is to increase the number of BRISE holders to 100 thousand users and develop a BitRise P2P Lending Platform, Centralised Exchange, and Smart Chain.

BitRise Token Price Prediction

Since BRISE token has only been launched, its price stays volatile. Nonetheless, cryptocurrency experts already predict its rise in the future. According to DigitalCoinPrice, it will cost over $0.000000007 in 2025.

BRISE Price Today

BitRise Token price today is $0.0000000023.


In a nutshell, BRISE is a modern coin with lots of innovations, which must work out in a few years. And if its founders continue improving this project, this token will become a profitable asset for long-term investment.

Where To Buy BRISE Crypto?

Buy BRISE with no risks for your security with StealthEX. This non-custodial platform allows you to exchange from over 400 cryptocurrencies for BitRise Token. Providing only general information, you don’t need to wait much time to complete your transaction.

How To Buy Mina Protocol Coin?

Just go to StealthEX exchange and follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example, BTC to BRISE coin.
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  3. Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
  4. Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
  5. Receive your coins!

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