What Is ARK Cryptocurrency? Is ARK Coin A Good Investment? How To Buy Ark Coin?

Looking for information on what ARK cryptocurrency is? Then you have come to the right place. ARK coin price prediction and how to buy ARK coin on StealthEX? All this and much more in our new article. So let’s roll.

What Is ARK Crypto?

ARK is a platform that provides users, developers, and startup creators with innovative solutions regarding blockchain technology. ARK cryptocurrency is the system’s internal payment coin. The project developers strive to provide a single ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual web of endless blockchain use cases. All this makes ARK a flexible, adaptable, and scalable platform.

Brief History

Work on the project began in 2016, but it was officially launched in March 2017. To attract users’ interest, the company reserved 25 million tokens. Everyone could get coins as a reward for simple tasks. For example, for taking part in the lottery, putting the logo on the avatar, sharing the information about the project, etc. This promotional campaign lasted a little over a month.

How ARK Operates?

The ARK platform operates on the Delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm. 51 nodes create the blockchain and process the transactions. They are rewarded with the network’s internal coins for this. It takes 8 seconds to create 1 block, and for each created block, the delegate receives 2 ARK coins.

Should I Invest In ARK Coin?

ARK coin attracts the attention of many participants of the market. The positive aspects of this digital asset include such features:

  1. Delegated Proof of Stake. With this technology, users can delegate their rights to other users.
  2. The existence of its reserve fund, where about 7% of all ARK crypto coins issued to the market are stored. By using the resources of this fund, crypto creators will be able to solve emerging crises, which will definitely make this platform reliable.

Where To Store ARK Crypto?

The safest way to secure tokens is the ARK Desktop Wallet. It meets the highest security standards. Besides, ARK supports the Ledger Nano S wallet.

ARK Coin Price Prediction

Although ARK crypto isn’t as popular as other tokens, lots of experts answer positively to the questions like “Is ARK coin a good investment ?”. For example, the DigitalCoinPrice team predicts that the ARK coin price will be over $2.02 at the beginning of 2022. WalletInvestor experts also have a positive ARK price prediction and say it’ll cost over $4.376 in 5 years.


Overall, ARK is a promising cryptocurrency that attracts investors thanks to its flexibility, scalability, and partnership with projects like Ecency, Kryptoez, and other Fintech projects. These factors will make its price increase in the long run.

How To Buy Ark Coin?

If you think about “ Where can I buy ARK ?”, use exchanges, such as This crypto exchange lets users exchange ARK for BTC, LTC, ETH, and more than 350 digital assets. No need to provide many details for this transaction. The process is secure and doesn’t take much time, just follow these easy steps: StealthEX.

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  3. Receive your coins.

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