What Is ARK Cryptocurrency? Is ARK Coin A Good Investment? How To Buy Ark Coin?

Looking for information on what ARK cryptocurrency is? Then you have come to the right place. ARK coin price prediction and how to buy ARK coin on StealthEX? All this and much more in our new article. So let’s roll.

What Is ARK Crypto?

Brief History

Lisk token holders received special privileges. Thanks to this, the ARK developers brought about $1 million on the first day. However, the overall ICO process wasn’t so successful. Only 1,300 of the planned 2,000 BTC were raised. But this did not stop the creators of the platform. They continued to develop the project and marketing campaign.

How ARK Operates?

The DPoS algorithm additionally protects the network from centralization. If a participant has a lot of coins, he can vote for several delegates, but the weight of his vote will be divided by 51 anyway. So, the network cannot be controlled by more than one participant.

This mechanism reduces inflation. In the first year of release, the inflation rate was 6.31%, in the second year, it was 5.93%. When the last coin is mined, inflation will be about 4.02%. This is significantly less than Ethereum (30% inflation in the first year). Thus, the value of ARK cryptocurrency will only increase.

Should I Invest In ARK Coin?

  1. High speed. It takes 10 seconds to make a transaction. This is enough time for the crypto from one user’s wallet to be transferred to another.
  2. Delegated Proof of Stake. With this technology, users can delegate their rights to other users.
  3. The existence of its reserve fund, where about 7% of all ARK crypto coins issued to the market are stored. By using the resources of this fund, crypto creators will be able to solve emerging crises, which will definitely make this platform reliable.

Such advantages help this coin stand out among its competitors that strengthens its position in the cryptocurrency market.

Today ARK coin price is $1.1784.

Where To Store ARK Crypto?

ARK wallets sync with peer-to-peer network nodes. Once you download the wallet on your computer or smartphone, you can get started right away. No lengthy synchronization is required.

ARK Coin Price Prediction

This increase will be achieved only if the developers complete their goals. In 2021, they aim to upgrade framework consensus, integrate other assets to their wallet, and launch a beta Nodem version that will let developers and network validators manage their blockchain nodes.


How To Buy Ark Coin?

  1. Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example, BTC to ARK.
  2. Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
  3. Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
  4. Receive your coins.

And one more thing, StealthEX allows you not only to get coins fast but also to choose a floating or a fixed rate.

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