No KYC for Buying Cryptocurrency on StealthEX
3 min readMay 4, 2022


Today, anybody can buy crypto with their regular credit or debit card, however, you will need to share your personal details with the exchange. A few years ago, KYC (know your customer procedure) was introduced to protect both customers and trading platforms. Most crypto exchanges require you to sign up with them, take your selfie, send in your ID and provide your credit/debit card details to buy or sell crypto coins. Yet many find this inconvenient and believe that KYC or verification contradicts the whole idea of cryptocurrencies and the freedom they provide in the digital world. That’s why it makes us happy to announce no KYC crypto purchases!

As StealthEX respects their customers and wants to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible, we introduce no KYC purchases to new StealthEX users.

Going Into Details

Thanks to StealthEX you can now buy an amount of crypto without KYC if it’s less than €900 or the equivalent of this amount in other currencies. As long as your total purchases don’t exceed €900, you don’t have to verify your identity. You can make one big purchase or several small €20, €50 or €100 transactions. This opportunity has been provided to us by our trusted partner Mercuryo, a London-based cryptocurrency payments company that facilitates our fiat swaps.

Buying cryptocurrency up to €900 without KYC is yet another step to simplify the process of entering the world of cryptocurrency. Now, is this even legal? Yes, it is. As a rule, exchanges must identify the customer if they want to buy or withdraw funds over €1,000 or more while purchases under €1,000 do not require verification checks. StealthEX is here for you to smoothen your online crypto purchases.

What Good Will It Do?

If you’re a newbie and have little or no experience with cryptocurrencies, you are far more likely to try and make a small purchase via a platform that will provide you with a seamless user experience. Nobody likes verification procedures and nobody likes to wait for their documents to come through. It’s a fact that most customers are more likely to give up an onboarding process if it’s long and turns those endless minutes of waiting into hours. It’s even more true for crypto enthusiasts that love the digital crypto world for its quick transactions. No KYC buyer’s experience lets StealthEX introduce the simplicity of crypto swaps and help their customers stay happy.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Without KYC?

Here’s how you can make a crypto purchase on StealthEX:

  • Just go to StealthEX. Open the “Buy” crypto window instead of the automatically loaded “Exchange”.
  • Then select fiat currency and choose the cryptocurrency that you want to buy. For instance, USD to BTC.
  • Enter your crypto wallet address.
  • When buying an amount of crypto under €900 for the first time you won’t need to take the KYC procedure. So just send in the fiat and wait for your purchase to go though!

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Please make sure to always research any cryptocurrency and assess your risks before you invest.

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