Do You Know What Is THETA Crypto?

THETA is a Theta Network blockchain token designed for use in the video streaming industry. The project is developed as an end-to-end decentralized system for streaming video delivery, and at the lowest cost.

Some Background Information

In March 2021, Theta CEO Mitch Liu said that the project’s blockchain peripheral computing power surpassed that of Intel Corporation.

Theta got its attention when it jumped 17.000% in one year to #13 on CoinMarketCap’s list of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies by market cap with an $11.7 billion indicator.

Nowadays it is one of the TOP-20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Key Features

3 basic parameters affect the functionality of Theta Network:

  1. An interaction protocol that guarantees the legitimacy of the video content.
  2. Mining caching nodes are rewarded by providing capacity, but the amount of payments isn’t fixed.
  3. A global reputation level, which provides for the validation of developing the next block validator.

Mining THETA Token

Where To Keep THETA? THETA Token Wallet

Use a Theta Wallet app to keep updated about Theta price changes on the go or choose a wallet extension to access this info on your desktop browser. But if you keep big sums and want to ensure the greatest protection, connect your crypto Theta account to Leger or Trezor hardware wallets.

Theta Crypto Prospects

THETA Coin Price Prediction 2025

According to Digitalcoinprice, the Theta coin price can reach over $17.68 in 2025. The WalletInvestor experts have a more positive THETA coin price prediction. They believe that the price of Theta coin will be over $63.87 in December 2025.

What Is THETA Token Price Today?


Where To Buy THETA Coin?

With StealthEX, you can buy Theta crypto tokens with more than 350 other cryptocurrencies. This method is safe and allows you to get Theta in minutes with no need to provide a lot of information. StealthEX is a super-friendly exchange platform where you can easily get coins with a low fee.

How To Buy Theta Token?

  1. Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example, BTC to THETA.
  2. Press the “Start exchange” button.
  3. Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
  4. Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
  5. Receive your coins.

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