Twitter is one of the main sources of information in the cryptocurrency world. Developers, investors, and traders have their accounts. The role of Twitter in the development of the industry is huge. Tweets and posts on social networks can significantly affect the rate of cryptographic assets and the market itself. Here are the most well-known crypto Twitter accounts.

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Top Crypto Twitter Influencers

John McAfee

John MacAfee is a businessman and a founder of an investment company. He founded and sold McAfee antivirus company, took part in several projects that did not gain popularity, lost most of his fortune during the 2008 crisis, ran for president of the United States, and survived an assassination attempt. MacAfee is constantly moving around the world, sometimes hiding from justice, sometimes just having fun. Sometimes John McAfee Twitter looks like a TV show, and more than a million people read his tweets daily. In October 2020, he was imprisoned for tax fraud. You will surely be surprised with his humor and point of view on different topics. …


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